CV / Resume

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Address: 21 Roehampton High Street
SW15 4HL
Twitter: @antonmccoy


I am a dedicated and hard working person who is an advocator that an approachable and interacting team is always stronger than the sum of its parts. Always eager to push people into newer technologies and methodologies (social media, APIs, open data tools), but does not demand change for the sake of change. I can build good, strong and friendly relationships with clients and can explain technical concepts and methods in terms that others can understand with greater ease. Conversely able to explain requests from clients in the way that a designer or a technical person will understand allowing them to build exactly what was actually requested.

Areas of expertise

Project skills

Project planning, Technical project management, Client relationships, Technical specification, Change control and impact analysis, Work flow control, Full project flow knowledge (Spec – IA – Design – Development – Deployment), Continued support and future phase development, Data importing / exporting, Details and ‘what if’ planning (ensuring possible problems and issues are known early), Best practice, accessibility and usability expert, Scum, Agile and classical methods.

Technical skills

PHP, Node JS, Coldfusion, Perl, XHTML, CSS / JS , XML, API integration, SQLServer, mySQL, Oracle, Word/Excel/Project, Data visualization, SEO, Existing code / site analyst, PDF generation, Reporting, Google Analytics, Multi variant testing, various programming architecture, Database and server architecture and design, Code optimization, Windows / UNIX, IIS / Apache, Load balancing, load testing & page caching, SVN, SourceSafe, Technical consultancy and advice, Photoshop,

Work history

Head of Web Development
Havas Media –
Ekino –
APR 11 – Current
tmg (see below) was bought by Media Contacts to create a new media department within a more classic media organization (renamed WebNarrative – later merged into a wider technical group called ekino). My role is to build up and manage the team and integrate new media & media into a seamless experience for clients & end users. The team is now integrated with other offerings (social, mobile, SEO, Brand) to make an overall ‘Creative services’ brand. I am in charge of Web Development, starting from specification & costing, though UI & design, all the way to templates, development and deployment; as well as hosting. This is on top of the continued serving of the clients retained from tmg.The role as well as creating classic websites includes working on mobile sites, mobile apps, facebook pages & apps; as well social pushing, tracking, monitoring and reporting.Notable clients: Nina Ricci, SAB Miller, Paco Rabanne, East Midlands Trains, Kia, BBC, Brother, Havas (this is in addition to the clients carried over from tmg –see below)
Head of Technical Architecture & Development
tmg –
Feb-03 – Feb-11
Manager of a technical, HTML / CSS and supports teams totally up to 14 people (perm and contract); working on small and large projects (~£8k – ~£500k) for governmental, blue chip and smaller clients. Projects written in Coldfusion, Perl, PHP, Drupal, Ruby, .NET, HTML/CSS only. From project planning, technical specification, database architecture, in house coding practice control to self coding (or pseudo coding) as I have kept a very ‘hands on’ approach. Acting as a bridge to the creative department / team to ensure that designs are in-spec, feasible and can be delivered within budget; delivering classic websites, web based applications, off-line applications, API tools, Flex applications & semantic based systems.Controlled department staffing levels, skill utilization, project & task allocation, holidays and overtime, R&D work and delivery of releases within set time frames.Worked with the creative team and pitched for creative work (though mood board, conceptional design options and final flushed out versions), with a clear eye on the resulting development of the chosen solution; to aid the company’s options to offer further stage work.
Created a deployment framework called (tmgCMS), which is a standard collection of tools to allow rapid development of website with pre built add-ons (instead of reinventing the wheel) including mailing tools, password protected sections, forums, polls, PDF / Word content generation, Twitter / Facebook and other API integration …etc. Used by both governmental and private clients and allowing easy development of phase II aspects to existing websites / systems.Notable clients: CQC, ReedSmith, HomeOffice, HMRC, Harveys, Human Tissue Authority, Medical Research Council, BWI Wine, PurePowder, DST Global (others upon request)
Head of internal systems / process
Jan-00 – Dec-02
In charge of the companies internal systems and intranet; creating tools to manage the lifecycle of a project. From a proposal generator tool to invoicing via, project planning, task allocation, timesheet recording & P/L analysis. Also other internal tools like meeting booking, personnel records and search tools. This ensured that a user could log in and see what they have to do, what is overdue, what needs to be planned and what needs to be invoiced (based on roles). Additionally worked on client work, however my main tasks were internal.
Online manager
Pixel fountain –
Jan-99 – Dec-99
Intranet developer (year in industry)
GlaxoSmithKline –
Sept-96 – Sept-97


Personal achievements

  • Created a personal website that tracks and monitors all English Premier League football player news, gossip & jokes; all powered through listening to social media and working out which messages are the most important & why. This site now gets around a 1000 visitors daily. This site also pushes out generated latest news via social channels, these now have over 1000 followers and which a message to click ratio of 1:5.4 (this traffic has been created using on natural search and without any promotion)
  • Similarly created sites to track all the social noise created to the latest news, social markets, the euro crisis, XFactor & I’m a celebrity. The tool was able to accurately predict the contestant that was going to get ‘voted out’ as well as explaining a narrative as to why
  • Created a social / online tracker tool to call the 2010 general election, using social media tools instead of classic polling. This tool created the closest predicted outcome to the actual result of any newspaper / classic media prediction. It ‘polled the social nation’ every 4 hours to give a running commentary of all the campaign; picking up changes in the public’s view. Featured in the Telegraph (and others), Channel4, Labour List, Various blogs and sites and used by Liberal campaign managers.,
  • Managed the technical and design task of merging 3 different governmental departments into a single voice, facing many challenges collecting content and information from 3 sites and creating a single channel. Was personally recommended to carry this task out and it was completed on time and on budget (breaking the standard trend of governmental projects)
  • Successfully produced for 4 years the government’s ‘Annual healthcheck’ (the review of NHS in England). The deadline was set in parliament and it was produced each time within in budget and for launch date. This site also achieved ShawTrust A-Plus award for accessibility
  • Won an award for the concept of a ‘user defined and personalized RSS news feed’ for the Reed Smith’s site (a major international law firm)
  • Official honoree in the Webby awards for Reed Smith (for the 2006 awards)


About me

Date of birth 9th August 1976 Marital status Single
Qualifications BSc Chemistry / Computing
4 A-Levels, 11-GCSEs
Certification SQLServer, Coldfusion
Lotus Notes scripting
Pastimes Tweeting, Football (Manchester United fan ticket holder), Cricket (went to the West Indies for a month to watch the Twenty20 world cup) Walking, Exploring London, Live comedy, Social media aggregation and visual display.